Visit New York by the sea

Travelling on a cargo ship is a unique experience. Whether you love the sea, are conscious of your carbon footprint, don't like flying or simply prefer to sail in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the crowds, then travelling by cargo ship is the right choice for you.

Don't think of sea travel as a way to beat an air fare

It isn't. But unlike flying, it can be a richly rewarding experience. Expect to pay a minimum of about $900/1,500 per person each way, depending on route and cabin. Sea travel is cheaper than flying only when you factor in the days spent on board that is, equivalent to hotel and three full meals a day with a private cabin. A ship normally steams only as far in a day as a plane can fly in an hour. And drinks on board cargo ships are not only tax and duty free, but also profit free from what is call bonded stock.

Makes it possible to travel with some items

Those wishing to take their pets with them can do so only on board Cunard Line's Queen Mary 2 between New York and Southampton. Vehicles are not carried on Queen Mary 2 or on container ships except in containers and need to be shipped with an outside company such as TransGlobal Logistics, with depots in Europe and North America. They can arrange for your vehicle or motorcycle at reasonable rates. Cargo ships have the great advantage of being inexpensive for single travellers, often with no single supplement for single cabins.

And single women may travel without fear the ships' crews are accommodating and welcoming - most have wives and girlfriends at home. Single female travellers are among the more important groups who travel this way. Relax. You won't get there in just 5 days. Most Trans-Atlantic freighter voyages take 9 to 12 days and even Queen Mary 2 takes 7 days. The fastest Trans-Atlantic freighter passages are between 8 days and 10 days, but passages of 12 to 14 days are not uncommon.