Boat and yacht rentals in major European cities

Samboat works closely with owners to secure a win - win relationship that subsidizes the cost of owning a Côte d'Azur motor boat or yacht. Samboat is a proven and fast-growing charter company specializing in high-end renting, with a broad existing customer base, excellent reputation, and a committed sales and marketing team of experts.

Exciting water travel experiences at your own pace

Discover Europe's most stunning canals, rivers and lakes. With your Local boat, or SamBoat boat rental, choose from 200 different river cruises. You can enjoy countless villages, castles, wineries and fascinating historical sites, no matter what route you pick.

The Italian Riviera

This country is a sanctuary not only for lovers of history and wine, but also for yacht enthusiasts. Exotic wine, delicious food and beautiful coastline all make a memorable sailing trip. Near Pizza, Naples ' birthplace, the Amalfi coast extends from picturesque seaside towns to beautiful beaches with plenty of anchorages. This coast also boasts excellent nightlife, breathtaking villages that look like a poster card and busy but cute cities.

The French Riviera, France (Cote d'Azur)

You are inspired by the beauty of ancient times, yacht in style through the French Riviera, or the Azur coast. The seductive landscapes that attracted art masters such as Renoir, Chagall, Cezanne and Picasso would draw you to bright sunshine, crystal clear waters and luxurious cities such as Saint Raphael, Saint Tropez Cannes and Nice. The sailing here is highly leisure and it is also possible to visit the national parks or to go to the Hyeres Islands where time comes to a magic end.

Sicily, Italy

The region between northern Sicily and Calabria is highly recommended for charter sailing, with Palermo, Cefalu, Santa Agata, Milazzo and Porto Rosa being the main charters. Lying near the northwest coast of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands is a must-visit yacht spot. Ironically, the origin-destination of the volcano boasts black sandy beaches and some volcanic spots that are still active! So when you you take your time to read this particular element of boat rental you become overwhelmed.