How to rent a boat anywhere and at anytime

Those who have experienced it understand that there is simply no better way to restart, recharge and reconnect with their environment than a vacation on a boat.

Each island is special

There is something special about the islands, the white sandy beaches and the serenity of having a world-class yacht for you, no other holiday can be compared. But let's face it, driving a boat for a week takes a little work. Sailing, mooring or picking up mooring buoys, monitoring water and fuel indicators, cooking and cleaning the kitchen are all part of life on board. But sometimes, even the most fervent sailors want a break from the lifestyle on board yachts. So, for those looking for a truly relaxing escape, an all-inclusive crewed yacht is the ultimate vacation plan.

A platform available for boat rental

With a whole list of latest generation boats with its "Suite", you will enjoy a 360-degree view of a different landscape every day. These catamarans are between 48 and 58 feet long, offering a guide to how to rent a boat anytime for your unique cruise getaway. The only guests on board are the friends and family we invite to join you on your trip. Each has its own cabin with bathroom, offering ample space and privacy to everyone. It's like renting a 4-bedroom hotel suite that you can take from island to island.

Offers in addition to the agency

In each agent who offers us personalized attention, seeking the best options according to customer expectations, helping you to choose the boat and destination that suits you best. All the agencies represented by Samboat have the corresponding government authorization to rent a boat and these boats comply with all the safety measures required by law, so that our customers only worry about enjoying their holidays.

In addition, we collaborate with the nautical insurance agency Yacht-Pool International, thus facilitating our clients' access to their various insurance policies.


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